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On The Go Facial Kit

This kit can be used for these skin types :

Oily and acnic

Dry and acnic

Mature and dehydrated

Hyperpigmentated skin 


What it comes with:

1 cleanser - to remove excess oils and impurities (Enough for 3 washes)

1 exfoliation foaming gel- to exfoliate dead skin and reduce sebum production (Enough for 1 use)

1 customized deep-cleaning mask - that can be used on any skin type (Enough for 1 use)

1 Bottle of Distilled Water

1 Facial fan brush

1 Microfiber wash cloth

1 Pair of Natural cosmetic spa sponges

1 Disposable headband & hairnet

1 Personalized Jade Roller 

1 Reuseable cosmetic bag


Bottle Sizes: 5g,10g,15mg and 40ML

Bottles are clean and properly sanitized before filling

Wash cloths are properly wash and sanitized before packing as well as face brushes. Jade Rollers will be disinfected with Barbicide. Everything will be prepared for use once delivered. 


Please understand this is a single one time use DIY facial kit. 


Key Ingredients: Water, aloe, chamomile,glycolic acid,hyaluronic acid, citric acid,bentonite clay.


Step by Step instructions: listed on paper inside the kit and video link will be available on youtube channel (LyfewithSoccermom_)


This kit was specifically designed for my Miami clients to upkeep their treatments. 


If you never recevied a treatment from me I do have a $50 email consultations and we can start from there. (


If you would like to purchase just a refill on the products and not the entire kit you can email me for an invoice . (The price is $60)


Please undertsand this facial will be more effective with a home steamer, UV mask light, High frequency wand , and microdermabrasion machine. (All listed on my amazon link under "facial on the go")



On The Go Facial Kit

  • There are absolutely NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES!! 

    A digital waiver must be signed before placing an order

    Shipping Info-

    3-5 business days before being shipped out or ready for pickup

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